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Managing the development projects portfolio of an R&D organisation

How an integrated resource management and project management system allows better allocation of resources and activities within the R&D Department.



A major International pharmaceutical company.




The management of the R&D wishes to have an improved visibility regarding all the activities in the departments and the types of tasks to which the resources have been allocated. The activities linked to the development of new products should be prioritized over those linked to maintenance of products already on the market.




  • To keep maintenance activities below x% of the R&D budget.
  • To allow planning of resources (personnel and budget) in alignment with project management.
  • To provide reports that can be used at the projects selection committees.




  • Definition of the referentials of the activities, projects, organization and resources.
  • Introduction of time management for all R&D staff members.
  • Definition of resources management and projects management processes, and of coordination between the two.
  • Introduction of integrated management of the resources, budgets and activities.




1 senior consultant.




  • The ratio of maintenance activities in relation to new products is in line with the industry.
  • The formalization of a real resources management provides the R&D management with a greater visibility for orientating its budget decisions and resources forecasts.

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