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Document Production

Templates for 'eCTD ready' documentation

With strong and proven experience in regulatory and document management—and for maximum efficiency—ProductLife can provide its own eCTD templates.


ProductLife can also help define and create a client’s own customised document template, consistent with:

  • The regulatory requirements of CTD and eCTD (e.g., headers and footers, granularity)
  • Client-specific needs
  • The submission of an eCTD dossier while retaining the ability to print the submission (particularity for certain overseas registrations)


Word tool bar

Based on our wide experience in consulting, business process outsourcing and outsourcing of dossier submissions, ProductLife strongly believes in the need to support those who contribute to the writing of the source documents so as to resolve Word training issues and to guarantee consistency between the documents. That need is even greater when dealing with meeting the special requirements of the eCTD format. That’s why ProductLife has issued a customised tool bar to be used with all available versions of Microsoft Word. The selection and activation of each function depend on the client's practices and needs and are tailored to the individual user's experience and ability. Please enquire for details.

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